Criss Cross will make you jump-jump!

January is done and I have completed my January challenge of 100 miles for the whole month. Most of it was completed in the basement on the elliptical while watching the first two seasons of LOST. I do have to admit I almost fell off the elliptical a few times. Like when Ethan stole Claire, and when Shannon got shot, and every time Jack or Sawyer took off their shirts. But even with the shirtless wonders of Jack and Sawyer, my heart still belongs to Sayid. The only reason I was bummed that Shannon died was because there wouldn’t be any more beach-hut trysts where in my head I could superimpose my head onto Shannon’s body during the scene (grammar police, there really is no good way to write that). Totally looking forward to Season 3… Although Sayid and I have already had a nice steamy Season 3 of our own…

February’s challenge is 12 minutes of jump rope every day. It’s been hard, and it’s definitely not 12 minutes straight. After day 3 I switched it to 1200 jumps a day, which is actually more than 12 minutes but since I spent a good 2 minutes of the 12 huffing and puffing on the floor, I figured it really wasn’t fair to count those, and it would be more fair to count reps. If you are just starting out jumping rope and aren’t a 10 year old, here is a good tutorial from Zuzana. I have mastered the switching feet, backwards jumping and side to side, now I just have to figure out how to do the egg (cross hands in front) without tripping or whipping myself.

Since I felt that the 12 minutes of jump rope, although difficult, left my upper body feeling underused, I decided to add 300 kettle bell swings (26 lbs) a day as well. I started this on Feb 3rd. It WRECKED ME. I got through 4 days of 26 lbs and walking around like a granny. The next day I had to use the 15 pounder. And yes, the first 25 felt like I was going to throw it through the roof, but at least after 200 I could still get it over my head. I think I will alternate light and heavy kettlebells to keep myself a good sore but not hobbled.

Great kettlebell tutorial here and why KB swings rock here.