No Mother Theresa’s or Betty Crocker’s allowed…
Why UnsanctiMOMious? This blog started out as a response to motherhood and the topics that moms don’t want to talk about. The peeing in your pants when you sneeze, the shame you feel as a parent when you really DO NOT want to play, the getting so angry you don’t recognize yourself, the more than 2 hours of TV that your kids watch in a day and more. Social media has mothers comparing themselves 24/7, so faced with a constant stream of other moms’ blissful status updates, this was my response. Sanctimonious is defined as believing you are morally right and above others. UnsanctiMOMious is my way of saying there is NO RIGHT WAY to be a mother and a wife and no one is the expert. Noone is my first child. Number One. As in the best kid in the world (or the numero uno PITA). Notwo is my second child. Number two. He is also the best kid in the world, but COMPLETELY different from Noone. No two kids are alike. Get it? I try not to post pics of them or their names, but I am sure I will slip somewhere.

Just a warning, I am a little glib, a little sarcastic, and I don’t like to take things seriously When I categorize my posts as Best Mutha Evah- it’s sarcastic. It’s also misspelled. Some of these posts have curse words. Sorry. I don’t censor my blog. It’s not Facebook. My mom is not reading. So if you get offended, I am sorry that you are offended so easily…

Why the food and workouts? Well, behind being a mom, food and fitness are my two other passions. My kids and husband are celiac, so they have to eat a gluten free diet. I am (right now) trying to eat paleo. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I cram my face full of pizza. As for fitness, I am an ex Yoga Instructor, an ex Fitness Instructor, a Crossfit Fanatic and lover of trying anything new.

What else can I tell you about myself. I am an artist, a mother, a wife. I struggle between putting down roots and taking flight. I am a rule follower who wants to be different. No matter how much self analysis I subject myself to, I am always a paradox. So what can I tell you about myself that won’t change tomorrow? I am an artist, a mother, a wife, and I like to kick ass.


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