Pee in your pants…

So two things you should know about me before you read this post…

1.  I have severe allergies- like sneeze 10 times in a row, and not cute sneezes.  Pollen was really bad yesterday.

2.  I tend to overcommit.  If you want to schedule a park playdate, I’m there.  Happy Hour with the kids at Oskar Blues (I swear the kids like happy hour at OB as much as I do!)?  Count me in.  Yes, yes, yes, yes- and repeat.  I don’t feel guilted in to anything, I just really want to do everything.  It’s like I am a 3 year old being forced to go to bed- BUT WHAT IF I MISS SOMETHING?!?!

So in my overcommiting, sometimes I drop the ball and don’t go to things.  Or I am late (mostly always).  I usually blame the kids.  Don’t judge, you do it too.  The kids were sick, getting fever, acting listless, etc. etc.  Unless I have bailed on your recently, then it was for real.  Really.

Okay, so yesterday my plan was dinner at  Prospect Eats .  Prospect Eats happens every Monday night and swarms of food trucks gather at Prospect Park to serve up their yummy goodies.  Since it deals with food (usually my number one motivation to go anywhere)  I had been planning to go for weeks, but legitimate things kept getting in my way.

I had just finished a kickboxing class complete with lots of jump rope and jumping jacks and I was starving.  I stuffed the kids into the car because I could almost taste the Comida taco…

And then the allergies set in.  Sneeze, sneeze, sneeze, sneeze.  Let me just add it up for you- kickboxing+ sneezing+pushing 2 kids out of my nether reqions=pee in my pants.


So we couldn’t go to Prospect Eats because I peed in my pants.  AND I AM TOTALLY BLAMING THIS ONE ON THE KIDS!!!  So If you were expecting me at Prospect Eats, please disregard the above.  We couldn’t make it because E had a fever and was acting listless.  End of story.

Oh, as my first blog post, I would also like to say I love the end of mommy blogs where they give your homework or a time to reflect.  So here is your MOMent of reflection…

Moms, is there a time when you peed in your pants?  Has the glorious miracle of childbirth given you the blessing of peeing without warning.  Does sneezing, laughing or the repeated jumping of kickboxing classes warrant Depends at such a young age.  Please feel free to share so others can know they are not the only ones that have to scissor their legs like grasshoppers everytime their nose tickles.


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