Why a blog

There is a preconceived notion out there in my circle of friends and acquaintances, that I am a pretty put together person. My kids are usually neat, my house is pretty clean, I work, I work out, my kids are in an appropriate level of afterschool activities, I bake, I stay at home, dinner is made, laundry is done, I don’t seem to have a drinking problem, I seem to have everything pretty much set.  That pretty much covers it…

This blog is because all the crazy goes on inside.  And since I don’t think I will have many readers, I can emote without dispelling the above notion, which I really do enjoy portraying.  You will not glean any homemaking tips from this blog, I do not purport to be an expert in anything.  I am not religious, I am not political, I am not a homeschooler, the list goes on.  Your opinion is as good as mine, so feel free to share.

Here you will only read the stuff that goes on in my head. I hope that it will make you laugh, think, reflect and in the end, feel pretty good about yourself.  Because even though we are moms, remember when you were in your 20’s and you were crazy on the inside (and sometimes outside)?  That crazy is still there, it’s hidden under the laundry piles, the dishes, the homework, the carpooling and finally the expectations that as keepers of children and a family we need to have it together.

Oh yes, the crazy is there and it wants a friend…


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